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book of the month
My stroke of insight by Jill Bolte Taylor
This is a great recounting by a brain scientist who experiences a stroke in the left side of her brain.  She writes about how this altered her brain's ability to perceive the world and reality around her and what this teaches her about how our brains function.  She describes that what she learned is that our fundamental perception of reality is bounded by a temporal framework, established by our left hemisphere.  When that is removed, one's sense of self, both physical and mental boundaries, disappears.   One loses orientation of self as a separate, distinct being but rather perceives self to be a seamless part of  a universal energy matrix:  
            "...there was both freedom and challenge for me in recognizing
            that our perception of the external world and our relationship
            to it, is [simply] a product of our neurocircuitry.  For all those
            years of my life I really had been a figment of my own imagination!" 
The book is written for lay people and is a very interesting and informative account about what defines our sense of self and makes us function as humans.