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about meditation
Regarding meditation instruction, I have maintained my own practice for 10 years, and can personally attest to the great benefits it can offer a person with regular, daily practice.  I believe it to be an excellent tool for personal development and thus a very good complement to therapy work.
Yogananda says "Meditation, or consciousness, focused upon itself, is the ultimate revealer of who you really are, and what you truly are...the greatest tool for self-knowledge is meditation."
From The Art of Living website:
"Meditation is not an action, it is the art of letting go without any effort:
Step 1:  relax
Step 2: relax more
Step 3:  relax more and more"
There are numerous physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits from regular meditation, they are too many to list!  Most beginners feel a definite increase in relaxation, and a reduced feeling of stress.  Over time, people tend to notice an improvement in their relationships, as they become more relaxed and happier themselves, plus the practice tends to increase one's empathy and compassion for others.  Over time, people usually find that meditation deepens their spirituality (whatever is their framework) and this leads to a greater sense of purpose in life.
Useful websites
Salem center:  this site has a great FAQs page with answers to many commonly asked questions about meditation.