Lisa Beck, LCSW, LLC - adult psychotherapy, case management, meditation instruction
about me
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Illinois, with 16 years of clinical practice experience.  For the past 8 years, I have worked with the adult mental health population, specializing in therapy for depression, anxiety, sexual violence trauma, divorce and low self-esteem issues.  I am known for creating a strong therapeutic rapport with clients and common feedback is that my approach to therapy is very organized, methodical and clear, which clients very much appreciate.
Therapeutic approach
I believe in a very collaborative approach to psychotherapy and use a person-centered orientation to help achieve this.  I also like to provide clients with psychoeducational information, to help them to develop insight into their concerns.  Then ultimately, to use a solution-focused approach to develop practical options and strategies that clients can practice in their daily lives.  I have an extensive knowledge of Chicagoland social service resources and I use this to expand clients' repertoires of available tools at their disposal.  With an extensive knowledge of psychotropic medications, I also am often able to offer pertinent suggestions and feedback to clients' psychiatrists, to help improve treatment outcome.
Other aspects of my work
In addition to private practice work, I am currently employed full-time as a Clinic Coordinator / Therapist at a busy out-patient psychiatry department on a large, medical teaching campus.   I also provide clinical supervision to psychiatry residents and Masters-level social work interns, plus I teach a psychotherapy course to residents to help them develop their therapy skills.  Prior to out-patient mental health work, I was employed as a Social Worker on an in-patient psychiatric unit, where I started to become very interested in psychiatric issues.  Before this, I served as the Clinic Coordinator / Therapist at a sexual violence counseling center, where I worked with adults with sexual violence trauma.  I am trained in EMDR, as well, for working with trauma survivors.
My personal history
I arrived in Chicago in 1996, from Toronto, Canada.  I was born and raised in mid-western Canada (Saskatchewan).  I obtained my Masters in Social Work degree (MSW) from Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  I live in Glendale Heights, with my 3, very demanding cats.  I am passionate about my work, and also about the environment and living harmoniously with all the other inhabitants of this planet:  "Walk softly, gently, upon the earth and leave no footsteps behind you."